Most Reactive Chapter Submissions Due November 30

The U.S. WIN Communications Committee sponsors a contest between U.S. WIN chapters to encourage outreach activities during the annual National Nuclear Science Week (NSW). The Chapters are judged on the number of activities held during NSW, number of participating U.S. WIN members, number of individuals and public sectors (K-12, civic, government, etc.) reached and the variety of topics covered.
Chapter entries for the October 14-18, 2019 NSW are due on November 30, 2019. Visit the Most Reactive Chapter Contest page for entry form and instructions.
After you have submitted your entry for the Most Reactive Chapter contest, submit your successful outreach events to the Outreach Library. The Outreach Library is a repository of outreach ideas and resources, based on what individual chapters have done, to strengthen the overall outreach efforts of U.S. WIN members nationwide. Think of it as “operating experience” sharing so that other chapters can use your great ideas to impact their local community too!
You can also share your chapter’s experiences and outreach in story form through a WINning Edge newsletter article. Please consider writing a brief article!
Note that the time spent preparing submissions to the website are allowed to be included in your chapter’s metrics hours!