Recording Available: Nuclear Economics 101 Webinar

Hosted by ANS Young Members Group & U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee

Webinar recording is available in the Professional Development Library!
Nuclear energy supplies nearly 20 percent of all of our domestic electricity generation, and more than 55 percent of carbon-free generation. Nuclear power plants supply the baseload, always-available emissions-free electricity, while providing significant benefits to regional economies. So why are we seeing these plants shut down?
This nuclear economics panel discussion will cover:

  • The regulated and wholesale energy markets and how revenue for these nuclear plants are generated. How does the market demand determine when nuclear plants run and schedule outages?
  • What are the trends in cost reductions in the nuclear industry? Has the nuclear promise produced new opportunities to reduce costs?
  • How does the carbon reduction emphasis play into the market? If the federal government is not in the position to value nuclear’s clean and baseload attributes, what are the states doing to achieve their emissions goals?
  • How do utilities determine target revenues and balance that with demand? What are utilities doing to address the cost of operation for nuclear and the need to cycle these plants instead of baseload?

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