2024 GROW Program – Registration is Open!

I am excited to share that the U.S. Women in Nuclear 2024 GROW Program is open for registration! This program has been a huge success over the last few years in both connecting and igniting women and men across the United States.


Finding likeminded professionals in the nuclear industry accelerates progress in our professional and personal development. By leveraging the experience and history of those that have a different set of skills and experience than our own, we can accomplish just about anything.


As I reflect on my journey with U.S. WIN I am reminded of a few of the instrumental women that instilled self-confidence and kindly mentored me as I further defined my role and embarked on the legacy, I hope to one day leave behind.


Any active U.S. WIN member may apply for consideration to participate in GROW. By visiting www.winus.org you will find everything you need to register and be on your way to an even deeper network of nuclear professionals to help you, including the Mentoring Program Guide Document … GROW!


Application Requests: Completed applications must be submitted to your Regional Coordinator or At-Large Lead; a list is shown below. The Regional Coordinators will screen the applications and forward them to the GROW Mentoring Program Committee. The final date to submit applications for consideration is August 9, 2024. Please note supervisor/manager/etc. approval is required for this program.


Application Checklist:  In addition to the application, please provide the following:


U.S. WIN Regional Coordinators
Region I: Micki Biltz – [email protected]
Region II: Eve Phillips – [email protected]
Region III: Aisha Overstreet-Carter – [email protected] – and Addie Van Nimwegen – [email protected]
Region IV: Colette Clermont – [email protected]


U.S. WIN At-Large Leads
Region I: Jessica Walker – [email protected]
Region II: Leslie Douglas – [email protected]
Region III: Holly Hernandez – [email protected]
Region IV: Kath Kunz – [email protected]


Questions can be directed to any of the committee members or myself. We look forward to meeting the class of 2024 GROW!